IIA Bangladesh is pleased to report that The IIA is successfully bringing all systems back online and fully restoring their websites, including IIA-hosted affiliate sites.

IIA and IT leadership, in collaboration with cyber security consultants, continued working through the weekend to ensure any remaining risks were appropriately mitigated and needed actions were implemented, including additional layers of security and continuous monitoring. The IIA reached the important milestone that the incident had been resolved to a “reasonable and appropriate level,” resulting in a “go live” decision.

This is an ongoing, complex process, so as systems are fully restored, users may experience some service interruptions. Thank you for your patience.

The IIA thanks you for your support and patience over the past several days as they worked to investigate, analyze data, and resolve issues related to the cyberattack. If you have any questions, please contact at Institute.Relations@theiia.org or at CustomerRelations@theiia.org.